The band Miss Anderson consits ​​(despite the name) only of men: Peter Rundh and Magnus Bäcklund, and four other musicians. Peter Rundh is a guitarist, founder of Miss Anderson and the songwriter for the majority of the songs on Miss Anderson’s album that will be released this winter. Magnus Bäcklund, who among other things has won the Swedish Melodifestivalen and came in 5th place in the Eurovision Song Contest, is Miss Anderson’s lead singer. Other musicians in the band bring solid experience to Miss Anderson through their backgrounds touring in several well-established bands in Scandinavia, Europe and the US, and their involvement in a large number of album releases.

Magnus Bäcklund – Vocals
Peter Rundh – Lead guitar
Clas Olofsson – Guitar/Mandolin/Banjo/Lap steel
Fredrik Landh – Bass guitar
Lukas Ivarsson – Key board/Guitar
Micke Dahlén – Drums

The story of Miss Anderson has its roots in the 19th and 20th century Swedish emigration to America. Several of Peter’s relatives emigrated during this period, and his interest in the emigration has resulted in his formulation of stories centered around a strong fictional woman he calls Miss Anderson. These stories are based on both actual and fictional accounts, and are expressed in the music and lyrics about Miss Anderson’s, and her descendants’, reflections on life during several eras up to the present time.

Peter’s and Magnus’ paths crossed through common interests. Magnus liked the Miss Anderson music, and Peter knew that Magnus, with his strong, rocking voice, would bring the right character to the songs with both emotion and authenticity.

The songs on the album that will be released this winter feature both songs about the character Miss Anderson’s life and times, and other songs about life in general.